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A holistic spin on productivity and performance management

Organizational Insights

Predictive & prescriptive insights about individuals and the organization to better align associate skills and competencies to the company goals. more...

Performance Management

Next-level platform to track goals and achievements building from comprehensive feedback and cutting edge AI automation. more...

Goals & OKRs

Our AI buddy will keep you interactive and motivated in meeting your goals and objectives. more...

360 Feedback & Surveys

Breaking barriers and collecting feedback from the right people across your network to get actionable insights vs. canned responses. more...

Prescriptive Learning

Strategize your personal and professional learning for a 360 view of your development to power-up your skillset!

Meeting & Collaboration

Create and manage effective meetings to collaborate and drive valuable, tangible, and action-oriented results. more...

Development Architecture

AI-powered skills and competency development focused on continuous growth supported by coaching and mentorship network. more...

A place to Self-Introspect


Intuitive portal to create goals, develop competencies, receive customized prescriptive learning plans, and access our 24/7 365 feedback tool. Easily track your growth and development with our cutting edge dashboard using predictive analytics.

AI based professional development


A place to manage your team efficiently and analyze each team member's progress on the go. Drive growth through AI-driven 360 feedback, goal alignment, professional development, and succession planning.

Continual Human Development


Minimize organizational drag through effective talent management, resource optimization, deploying teams, and effectively leading your star talent. Elevate your teams by providing them a tool that empowers, engages, and inspires.

The 24/7 360 development engine


Pointers provides you a platform to analyze growth rate, productivity, engagement, cultural alignment through powerful visualizations enabling leaders to create business value.