Gain insight into your organization and increase employee engagement. 

Surveys are a valuable tool that allows organizations and employees to develop two-way communication. Surveys foster good organizational morale by ensuring that all team members are given a voice. Knowing what everyone feels about how the company is functioning helps management and HR direct organizational growth to areas where it is most needed. Surveys also help start a culture of active employees and managers within the business. 


  • Team and organization wide surveys help employees feel like their voice matters to the organization 
  • When employee feedback is considered and action is made off of it, employees feel validated and are more likely to continue doing good work 
  • When members of the organization get in the habit of completing surveys, they are more likely to make their valuable ideas heard in the future 


  • Managers have easy access to a survey dashboard where they can clearly see the results for their team and quickly get an idea of what is working and what isn’t 
  • Studies show that managers responding to employee feedback leads to improved productivity, better customer service, and higher employee morale
  • Instead of managers having to guess what is most effective for their teams, surveys clearly highlight those opportunities for growth 

HR & Organizations

  • HR is able to see survey data for the entire organization in a simple format in order to understand the moods, feelings, and opinions of everyone in the organization 
  • Using AI, survey data is presented in a clean and easy-to-understand format 
  • Surveys can be conducted on a regular basis to see how opinions and feelings have changed over time